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Jodie Digby Fitness
Jodie Digby Fitness3 days ago
New Hyrox Gym
Really excited to share that my Fitness Studio has become an Affiliated & Official Hyrox gym. All Hyrox equipment is getting delivered over the next few days and my 1st class will take place this Friday 🙂

Unfortunately my current hyrox location could no longer host my classes but I excited for the new adventure.

I will be adding more classes to my timetable soon

My Hyrox classes are open to everyone 🩷

More information will following

Thank you

Jodie x
Jodie Digby Fitness
Jodie Digby Fitness1 week ago
Little video from Cycle & Pump this morning 🩷
Thanks everyone you did fab 🙂

Jodie x
Jodie Digby Fitness
Jodie Digby Fitness
Jodie Digby Fitness2 weeks ago
My Clients at Hyrox today 🩷
I don’t know even where to start 🥹
I honestly couldn’t be more proud of you all, every single one of you bought tears to my eyes watching you and I felt like the most proudest person ever.

I remember messaging you with the title “I believe in you” and said I think you should do hyrox with me in London as I think you would be great, some thought I had gone mad but I am so glad you listened to me as you all did amazing like really amazing. And the best thing was seeing you SMILE and telling me you enjoyed it.

I knew you all could do it and you should all be soooooo proud of yourselves.
@sarah_greer_photography @bryonywithey @bubbleblee @_sashalc @sallyreffold @leoni_hodgetts @lynettemorrissy @emilymarystead @gemmadriscoll Anna, Maria,

Next one Ladies 😉 ….

Proudest trainer
Jodie x
Jodie Digby Fitness
Jodie Digby Fitness2 weeks ago
2 x Hyrox in 2 days 😃
PB yesterday in Pro and PB today in Opens
Time 1:05:07
PB by 2 mins today and couldn’t move my legs properly this morning after yesterday Pro race so in total shock where that came from today but absolutely over the moon with it 🥹

Did Pro women yesterday and had an Open Women ticket for today and wasn’t 100% sure if I was going to do it as felt sore this morning but did a warm up before I started and felt ok so just thought go out there and enjoy today as you did well yesterday. Not thinking for a second I could win 🥇 and come top 3. I felt the best I ever felt doing hyrox today and loved it

I was there today with a group of my clients which I will share a post about later, I couldn’t be prouder of them.

Anyway a good weekend for me with Hyrox and just makes all the hard work feel worth it.

Jodie x
Jodie Digby Fitness
Jodie Digby Fitness2 weeks ago
I always knew stepping up to the Pro level would be a lot harder but really wanted to put myself out there and see how I compared to the other girls and so glad I did

🥹I was so nervous this morning as it was a record breaking 12,000 people competing this weekend in hyrox London excel so knew I had to give it everything and the tears at the end said it all, wasn’t even sure why I was crying, a mix of relief and pride I think.

I always massively underestimate myself and today I stood back and thought you have done good Jod - 2nd AG with only a gap of 30 seconds and top 10 out of all the Pro ladies.

My weakness is the wall balls so I am going to go away and work hard on that as I know I can do better and a definitely can get faster time.

My time today
Pro women
1 hour 12 mins and 2 seconds

Now to rest 😃 only kidding that wouldn’t be me, getting my next race planned 😁

Step out of your comfort zone as you never know what you could possibly achieve 🩷
Jodie Digby Fitness
Jodie Digby Fitness
Jodie Digby Fitness3 weeks ago
Tonight’s Pilates classes
Thanks everyone
See you next week

Jodie x
Jodie Digby Fitness

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