Cardio Pump

Cardio Pump is the perfect 60-minute class combining a mix of cardiovascular exercises and resistance training. It works the whole body really burning those calories and is great for toning up.

This class varies from week to week. We do anything from HIIT (high intensity interval training) to Spinning; Boxing; Crossfit; Circuit Training to get the heart pumping and we add in resistance training to get that all over body toning.

  • Excellent cardio workout
  • Total body conditioning
  • Increase cardiovascular and endurance fitness
  • Build strength
  • Calorie busting workout
  • Defines and tones muscles
TIME: Wednesday 7.15pm
LOCATION: JDF Studio, Tring
RATE: £48, 6 week block / £8 pay as you go
MONTHLY MEMBERSHIP: £65 for all classes (excl. Hyrox)

Get in touch to book a class or for more information on how we can help.

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